When shopping for soap, you'll often come across labels with complex and unpronounceable ingredients. At Touch By Prince, we take pride in using only easily understandable and pronounceable ingredients in our handcrafted products.

Our soaps are carefully crafted using a blend of all-natural oils, butters, and vegan mica. We prioritize the use of sustainable NON-GMO Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, and Olive Oil in our formulations. Additionally, our soap bars often feature the nourishing benefits of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Castor Oil,which work wonders on the skin.

Our Handcrafted Bath Bombs are also made with simple, recognizable ingredients that you can trust.

Connect with us on social media to get a glimpse into our small-batch process and our commitment to transparency. We believe it's essential for our customers to fully understand and feel confident about the products they choose for their bodies.

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