Meet Prince


Hello World, I'm Prince! I enjoy being crafty and daydreaming in colors. I'm an immigrant from Pakistan and first generation college graduate. I earned a BA from San Francisco State University in Criminal Justice Studies with minor in Education. I am extremely passionate about racial justice and equality. I have a passion for working with students of color from various backgrounds. My goal is to obtain my masters in Special Education and lead my own classroom. 

I have always had a passion for the Arts. One of the main reasons why I moved to California was to peruse showbiz but within that process, I discovered myself. I love making things from scratch especially Soap! I began my journey by making body butter however, I could not conquer them. I slowly made my way to homemade soap. In 2019, I made my first batch of soap and never looked backed.

Touch by Prince grew from my love for natural homemade products. English is my second language and I often struggled reading and understanding ingredients. I make soap from scratch with ingredients that  any one can understand. There is a sense of pride when you use soap that is made with natural ingredients. 

When you support Touch by Prince, you support the dream my father had for me when he brought me to this country. (RIP Jamil Ahmad)

Please contact me at for any comments, concerns, custom orders and etc.