Meet Prince

                                                                             Hello World, I'm Prince! A passionate artisan and dreamer who finds inspiration in vibrant colors. Originally from Pakistan and a first-generation college graduate, I hold a BA in Criminal Justice Studies with a minor in Education from San Francisco State University. Currently, I am also pursuing my masters in Special Education at the University of Virginia.

Committed to the pursuit of racial justice and equality, I am dedicated to supporting students of color from diverse backgrounds. The Arts have always been a driving force in my life, which led me to California to pursue my education and a career in showbiz. However, it was in California where I discovered my love for all-natural products, particularly handmade soap.

My journey began with crafting body butter, but I soon found my true passion in handcrafted soap. In 2019, I took the leap and made my very first batch of soap—and never looked back! 

Touch by Prince emerged from my personal journey as an immigrant and my desire for products with clear, understandable ingredients. Every bar of soap I create is carefully handcrafted from scratch, using only all-natural ingredients. I take pride in offering soap that provides value beyond cleansing—it allows you to make informed choices about what you put on your body.

When you support Touch by Prince, you're not just supporting a business; you're also fulfilling my father's dream for me when he brought me to this country (RIP Jamil Ahmad). It would be my honor to address any comments, concerns, or custom orders you may have. Please reach out to me at

Thank you for joining me on this extraordinary journey.